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Maria Kaeser-Aunkofer

Soul Singer, Shaman, Healer . . .

Hello and Welcome!

I am from Regensburg, Germany and speak several languages. I met Melitta in the summer of 2022 while she was on vacation and I had no idea that this “chance meeting” was going to lead to an incredible friendship. As it turns out, we are helping each other spread the word about what we love to do, which is helping others. 

Einstein observed that “Everything is Energy!”  And I personally agree that every thought, everything you have done or do is energy and is stored in an energy field. As a shaman I am able to travel through this energy field and see the potential causes of health issues. It could be a trauma from childhood or something from a family member, or ancestor.  I can see the problems and solve them. I guide clients through issues and give them my hand, helping them activate their own self-healing power. I have the ability to see things between two worlds that many are unable to perceive.

My special gift is my voice. I use my voice for healing, because my voice has a light which helps open your mind and consciousness. Being a steward of nature, every wound I heal also heals a wound of the world.

We all have abilities and talents and we need to use them to make this world a better place. This is my contribution.


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I had an amazing experience with Maria. Her soul singing is a real “soul
massage”, in which she released low energy and negativity, and exchanged
it with higher vibes. I left her session with a feeling of joy and hope. She
is a one-of a kind healer; compassionate and empathetic, her warm smile made
me feel serene. Maria is very intuitive. She is able see the real SOUL. She
speaks clearly and concisely, and is able to translate the energy and imprint
of each Soul language from her mother tongue (German) into English. I highly
recommend her. As a matter of fact, I’m ready to go back and sign up for
another session.

Maria is grandiose and humble at the same time!

Roberta Adams, Huntsville, AL


Maria’s soul song is the representation of the soul itself and the hidden emotions we usually long to feel and express. The session was fantastic and it allowed me to go on a soul journey through the music she sang with her blessed voice. The melody was a beautiful way to express messages my soul wanted me to know at the moment I took the session and after the song, Maria interpreted it for me. Her words gave me a lot of comfort and it also validated the experience I was having and helped me understand the visions I got during the session. Being able to hear what my soul wanted me to know was a way to bring me back to my path and trust that I am being guided.

I listen to the recording whenever I feel out of balance, to center and bring back the vision I am building for my life while enjoying the present. There is so much joy and magic Maria brings through her. This is an opportunity everyone should experience as it provides healing and gives you a sense of appreciation of life and the experiences it can bring while also helping you experience a new version of you.

Manuel Hernandez, Guatemala



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