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Sound Healing
with Maria


Maria Kaeser-Aunkofer

Soul Singer, Shaman, Healer . . .

Sound healing has been proven to be very effective in reducing stress and promote overall well being. Certain instruments, tones, music or singing can balance body, mind, and spirit! In using specialized sound frequencies it creates a therapeutic environment which can promote deep rest, assists in emotional stability and balances the nervous system.

I founded AMITA – “Wissen was Wirkt” to support people with my knowledge and accompany them on their path to personal freedom and health. Everything is possible! You too be ready for miracles!

If you would like to take my hand, I look forward to accompany you on your own personal path.
You can book your own soul song and consultation with me via this website. After the session you will receive a recording of your song.

Looking forward to helping you find your own song in this world!


30 Minute Private and Confidential Healing Session

* Your Soul Song
* Consultation
* Recording

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Amount: $77.00 Per 30 Minutes


Melitta Thorn

Ever since I was young I had glimpses of knowing and was aware that there is something more than the human eye can see . . . To Learn More Click: Menu > About Me