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Workshop Blog 7 Aug 2021


My very first workshop!  What excitement!  The room was filled with friends, and people I have never met before.  Some came out of pure curiosity because I was doing something they never expected I would be doing.   I used to be considered “normal” by some.   It’s stretching it a bit to imagine I would become an Evidential Medium! 

Believe me, I never thought this would happen to me either, but when Spirit calls, it’s hard to ignore.  I started developing my new found abilities, and before I knew it, I had a strong urge to share what I have learned.  We all have psychic abilities from birth, but then we get busy with life and forget we have a sixth sense!  It is our birth right!

It was amazing to witness people having huge “aha” moments and realizing they could read people with great accuracy.  It brought me so much joy that I decided to teach another workshop two months later.  I am on a mission to spread the word! 

Joy and enthusiasm were evident in the workshop and spread like a wild fire.

Needless to say, it was a great success and I am encouraged to have many more workshops!  Thanks to all of YOU!

I receive a lot of positive feedback and suggestions from the workshop participants that I can’t list them all but here are a few from this workshop:  

“Totally enjoyed this class! More of the same.” – Tammy B.

 “Very interesting and educational.” – Jessica H.

“Great workshop overall – I have more people that would like to attend.” – Jennifer  T.

“Excellent Class, very impressive, very professional! Well planned and executed!” – Shelba P.

“Awesome—it was more than I expected.” – Anna Marie W.


Melitta Thorn

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