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Workshop Blog 23 Oct 2021


During the workshop some amazing things happened in the group reading.  One lady went into a deep trance for the first time and could not remember what was said.  She was stunned when she heard about the beautiful evidence she presented and asked me afterwards, “Now what do I do?”  I am happy to report that she is meeting on a regular basis with other like-minded people and is sharpening her skills with group readings.  She told me that she has been meditating for many years.  This is very important if you are serious in developing your abilities. 

The new website will have a place for you to exchange contact information to form a group and practice.  You will have to be a member of course (which is FREE!) and have participated in one of our workshops to setup and have access to the groups.

Remember, Regular practice is the key! 

I really enjoy reading the feedback, so I know how to make things better the next time.  One of the great comments was to sit in a circle-like setting.  Thank you for this great suggestion!

Receiving Positive Feedback and Suggestions from the workshop participants is always inspiring and these are just a couple of the many I have received: 

“Melitta did a great job! She is so pleasant and just a really sweet person and I enjoyed her a lot.” – Christie B.  

Favorite Exercise: “Circle at end, Wall exercise, Cards, liked all!” – Stacy C.

Melitta Thorn

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