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                                                  Private Blog Workshops This workshop was unique in its’ own way as I went unexpectedly into trance during a group reading.  During the regular reading I could feel myself […]

What joy!  There were THREE sisters attending for the first time and it was a lively group!  When there are an uneven number in the group, as in this case, I join in the exercises and it is so much fun.  During the one-on-one psychic reading the young woman I was paired with was . . .

During the workshop some amazing things happened in the group reading.  One lady went into a deep trance for the first time and could not remember what was said.  She was stunned when she heard about the beautiful evidence she presented and asked me afterwards, “Now what do I do?” 

My very first workshop! What excitement! The room was filled with friends, and people I have never met before. Some came out of pure curiosity because I was doing something they never expected. . .