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Workshop Blog 26 March 2022


What joy!  There were THREE sisters attending for the first time and it was a lively group!  When there are an uneven number in the group, as in this case, I join in the exercises and it is so much fun.  During the one-on-one psychic reading the young woman I was paired with was definitely impressed with how accurate my reading was, down to the chocolate morsels.  😊

There were several healing moments that took place on this side as well as across the veil;  it is always beautiful to witness every time this happens.  Often times, a loved one on the other side did not have time to say good-bye; or wanted to apologize or ask for forgiveness.

It is never too late!  Ideally it is best to make peace before you cross-over as it helps everyone heal!

I learned a valuable lesson which was not to stand or sit too close to someone as I may start reading a person psychically instead of mediumistically when in a circle.  In my workshops I explain the difference between the two of these.

No two workshop are exactly the same because I present the material and teach the workshops differently each time.

We have started to record the workshops for people who cannot attend in person  The recordings will be available in the near future.  

I never get tired of reading the Positive Feedback and Suggestions from the workshop participants. Hearing how excited they are with what they have learned and their wonderful experiences is why I LOVE doing this!

“Loved it, learned a lot, time went by fast!” – Julie P. 

“Thank you so much for what you do and for creating such a safe and inviting space!” – Susan N.

Melitta Thorn

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