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Mediumship Readings

What is an Evidential Medium?

An Evidential Medium acts as a bridge of communication between people on Earth and the spirits (souls) of those who have passed on.

How do Mediums communicate with deceased loved ones?

After our loved ones pass, their soul vibrates at a much higher frequency than they did in life. Since everything in the Universe vibrates at a specific frequency, mediums can tap into this current to connect for a reading. Spirits lower their frequency and the medium raises his/her frequency to make a connection. This is a delicate process and because of it, a specific loved one may not always come through during your reading. One of the many reasons could be because other energies are tuning in stronger with an important message for you!

Does this mean we can talk to our pets that have crossed over?

 It is not unusual for pets to show up.

These readings can be very emotional especially when there are apologies to be made or the love is so strong that it can literally knock you off balance. 

Mediumship Readings are conducted over the phone (via audio only).  Please make sure you are in a quiet room with no distractions, and are not in a deep grieving state.  The connection to the Spirit World is a delicate process and needs a high vibration.  These readings take about an hour.  I have a tendency to keep on talking especially if there are many loved ones trying to get through with an important message.  You will find out that I don’t watch the clock with any of my services.

Please note: other times are available upon request.

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