Would you like to receive an Angel Message or a personal message from a departed loved one from across the veil? Using Oracle Cards  I will send you a reading […]

If you need one-on-one guidance in developing your abilities or would like to learn how to connect with loved ones from across the veil, find out what I can do […]

The group reading will be in your home (if you are in the Huntsville, AL area) for you and your friends.  The minimum number is 4 and maximum 10 people.  […]

This reading conducted by internationally renown Evidential Medium, Melitta Thorn, is an online Zoom session for you and your friends.  The minimum number is 4 with a maximum of 10 […]

What is an Evidential Medium? An Evidential Medium acts as a bridge of communication between people on Earth and the spirits (souls) of those who have passed on. How do […]

This reading is perfect for someone who would like to get confirmation about the Past, clarification about the Present, and find out about Future possibilities.  It will help you in […]