Would you like to receive an Angel Message or a personal message from a departed loved one from across the veil? Using Oracle Cards  I will send you a reading […]

This reading is perfect for someone who would like to get confirmation about the Past, clarification about the Present, and find out about Future possibilities.  It will help you in […]

What is an Evidential Medium? An Evidential Medium acts as a bridge of communication between people on Earth and the spirits (souls) of those who have passed on. How do […]

This mediumship reading conducted by internationally renown Evidential Medium, Melitta Thorn, is an online Zoom session for you and your friends. The minimum number is 4 with a maximum of 10 people which ensures that everybody will receive at least one message from a loved one that has crossed over. Melitta has conducted several group readings both in-person and online and it has always been a very positive fun-filled and healing experience for everyone involved. Mediumship readings are just as accurate online as they are in-person which you will discover during the session.

The group reading will be in your home (if you are in the Huntsville, AL area) for you and your friends.  The minimum number is 4 and maximum 10 people.  […]

I founded AMITA – “Wissen was Wirkt” to support people with my knowledge and accompany them on their path to personal freedom and health. Everything is possible! You too be ready for miracles! If you would like to take my hand, I look forward to accompanying you on your own personal path. You can book your own soul song and consultation with me via this website. If you have any questions you can contact me directly at hbmg.1699987124atima1699987124@refo1699987124knua.1699987124airam1699987124 or if you are adventurous you can check out my German website under Looking forward to helping you find your own song in this world! Maria