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Guide to Peace and Tranquility
Meditation - Key to Life!

My life has changed for the better thanks to daily meditation!  I always thought meditation was for Gurus or the enlightened ones, monks that spend hours a day praying and or meditating.  Well, this was then and today I have a different view as I am learning and growing. 

It is true, meditation can lower your blood pressure within minutes and can reduce anxiety and stress.  The results are amazing!  Before any type of Reading, I take three deep breaths, each time exhaling longer than inhaling.  The connection to the Spirit world is instantaneous.  Those three breaths get you into the Alpha state where communication to the Other Side is easily accessible. 

Especially in today’s turbulent and fast paced times it is important to find a few minutes of peace and quiet.  It does not take much time.  Even 10 minutes of going within and focusing on your breath to quiet your busy mind will do wonders for you!  Of course more is better in this instance. If you can spend 15 or 20 minutes all-the-better.  I promise, not a minute is wasted in meditation to find your true self, your true nature.  The only time wasted is if you don’t dedicate some time to this ancient practice that dates back several thousand years to the Middle East. It is believed that Jesus routinely went off to meditate and connect with Spirit.

If you find it impossible to quiet your busy mind, I recommend some guided meditations.  I like listening to Tony Stockwell’s soothing voice, “Heighten Your Spiritual Awareness”, but there are so many others out there to choose from.

Meditation is when you are listening to the God force or Great Spirit, and praying is when you are talking to God, Angels, or your Guides.

I usually do a meditation in my workshops.  For some people it is the first time experiencing true peace. 

Claim your peace of joy and tranquility!  It is yours for the taking! Sit in the silence and listen; you will be amazed what you will hear!

Melitta Thorn

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