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How to Contact Your Spirit Guides

     Lately, I have noticed a lot of information on social media about contacting your spirit guides, which is a very important step along your spiritual journey. 

     Why is knowing your Spirit Guides so important? Because once you meet and become acquainted with them your intuition increases tremendously and you will be open to receiving the messages your guides have just for you! Your spirit helpers are always interested in you and what is for your highest good. 

     But before you can contact your guides you must meet them first.  In my experience that did not happen all at once, in fact it took some time and effort on my part. 

     Let’s talk about some of the type guides you will likely meet. The first one is your Personal (Main) guide that will remain with you through this earthly life, and possibly many lifetimes. This particular guide may be a member of your soul family that has traveled many lifetimes with us.  Your Personal guide is always accessible to you but never probed your thoughts, does not watch you 24-7, and will never invade your privacy.  He/She will help you and give guidance on major life decisions. 

     Another guide is your Teacher guide (I call mine Mr. Dudley since he resembles an older gentleman from the 18th Century). The Teacher guide will give you downloads of information, messages, and clarity anytime you may be confused or just curious about a topic or situation. 

     Here are some of the other guides you may discover and have access to:

          (1) Protector Guide-often times we are completely unaware when this guide reroutes us from danger or other situations which may cause us harm.

          (2) Joy Guide- this guide is very present and helps us find joy in simple everyday moments. When you have a grateful, emotional, or very happy moment thank your Joy guide. 

          (3) Dream Guide- this one helps to bring messages or awareness to us while we are dreaming. 

     There are many other guides waiting and willing to provide assistance to you whenever needed. I hope you will discover and add to this list as you meet your own guides. 

            How Do I Meet My Guides?

            (1) Meditation- Be consistent, meditate daily.  Always choose a quiet, comfortable space. 

            (2) Dreams- Pay attention to your dreams, if dreaming of an unknown person this could be one of your guides that brings messages to you in your dreams. 

            (3) Fragrances- use essential oils, herbs to promote relaxation and open your senses. 

            (4) Crystals- hold the crystal in your hand to meditate. Use crystals such as Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, Tiger’s Eye etc.

            (5) Candles- white candles are especially effective for contacting your guides.

            (6) Symbols- Pay attention to any object that keeps randomly appearing (Clouds, Coins, pictures, etc.)

            (7) Numbers- Any number or combination of numbers appearing repetitively can mean your guide is relaying messages to you. 

     Please know when you become acquainted and access your guides regularly they have unconditional love for you (even if sometimes you don’t take their advice) they will never abandon you. However, never become obsessed with talking to your guides and spirits constantly.  If you are spending more time in the spiritual realm than on earthly interests take time out and balance yourself. Grounding, gardening, physical exercise, and other activities will restore the balance. 

     In conclusion, what a wonderful gift from the Universe!! Always thank your guides and be grateful for their guidance! 


Melitta Thorn

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