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MediumSpiritual welcomes guest articles for our Spirit Talk Blog. If you have an article or an idea for an article that you’d like to share, please read our submission terms & guidelines:

  • By
    submitting an article, you consent to your article being posted on MediumSpiritual’s
    website and grant us a first serial rights, non-exclusive, royalty free,
    worldwide, unlimited license for two years to use and publish your content
    on this site.
  • Your
    article must be original content and not have been published anywhere
    online within the past 1 year (unless we agree to waive this
  • You
    represent and warrant that any content, photos or graphics you submit are
    either owned by you or that you have gained permission from the owner to
    use them in writing. All images must be credited to the owner. You agree
    to indemnify and hold harmless this site, its parents, affiliates,
    officers, customers and licensees from any liability, damage or cost
    (including attorneys’ fees) from any claim or demand made by a third party
    arising out of any content you submit.
  • By
    submitting your article, you consent to your article being edited for
    grammar, spelling and length, if necessary. We also reserve the right to
    change the title of your article.
  • Guest
    posts are usually 250-800 words. However, we will accept longer articles
    depending on content. Contact us first.
  • MediumSpiritual
    reserves the right to remove embedded links that link to other websites
  • MediumSpiritual
    has the right to add links within your article that may link to other
    articles published on MediumSpiritual.
  • Adult
    products and services are not acceptable and will get you band from MediumSpiritual.
  • Articles
    containing explicit sexual/anatomical language will not be accepted and
    will get you band from MediumSpiritual.
  • We
    will not post content that includes abuse or allegations against
    individuals or groups, articles that discriminate, and prejudice or
    articles that include hatred.
  • Articles
    for dietary supplements or vitamins are not accepted
  • Ads
    of any type are not accepted.
  • We
    will publish your article based on our schedule. Timing is solely our
  • We
    do not pay for outside articles.
  • We
    reserve the right to reject articles if they don’t fit with our mission or
    these terms and conditions.

Along with your article, please
submit a bio and a photo that we can post with your article to .moc.1718953072lauti1718953072ripsm1718953072uidem1718953072@roti1718953072de-go1718953072lbkla1718953072ttiri1718953072ps1718953072

By submitting an article, you are
agreeing to our terms of submission.

Thank you for sharing your words
with us!


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