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Ever Wonder What Orbs Are?

There seems to be a big mystery about orbs! What are they?  The answers vary depending on someone’s opinion and belief system.  In the end . . ., does it really matter? 

They are intriguing to say the least.  My journey with orbs started during a Halloween party in 2015.  I was talking to someone who was “into” orbs and of course I had to find out for myself being the ever-curious one.  I happened to have a camera with me with a strong flash which now has the name “orb”  attached to it.  That night I was aimlessly running around with my camera with the intent of “capturing” orbs, and I ended up with many pictures of them.  Of course, my dear family that is ever so critical dampened my enthusiasm just a bit.  “Oh, they are just dust particles, or moisture droplets, or maybe specks on your lens,” is what I would hear from them.  Well, I did check my lens and it was clean.  I checked the weather and that did not add up either.  Anyway, after close inspection of these mostly round, milky, sometimes colored orbs, they felt like there was life in it.  Each one seems different from another.  I started to get a feeling about them and concluded that they could be loved ones from the other side (we are all light beings), angels, or guides.

The picture that you see with the heart shaped orb was taken AFTER a meditation on my couch. Before the meditation I was guided to take a picture of the couch and there was nothing to see. I could not believe my eyes (I felt so happy and thrilled) when I saw the heart shaped orb. Some amazing things happen when you start listening to Spirit, and I am so thankful for every experience.

In my workshops I teach the importance of listening to and being guided by Spirit.

The biggest and most dazzling orb I ever photographed was at Botanical Gardens in Huntsville, AL in November 2016. It is almost as big as a car tire. Check it out!


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