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This informative video is almost 4 hours long. The instructor, Evidential Medium, Melitta Thorn explains in detail: What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium? How does it all work? How is it possible to do readings over the phone and ZOOM? Why Mediumship? Discussing the awareness of the Higher and Lower Self Types of mediumship and how they differ Steps on how to connect with the Spirit World, Angels, Guides, etc. What are the psychic senses? Picture of a stereogram (optical illusion of depth created by a 2D image)

What is the difference between a Ghost and a Spirit? Some people use them interchangeably. But there is a BIG difference! Find out more in this fun and entertaining video.
Why do we celebrate Halloween? It is a day of celebration to honor the dead. It is a happy occasion.
Where and when did Halloween originate? We give credit to the Irish and the Celts. It dates back over 2000 years ago to an ancient festival called Samhain.