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Practice Circles

How to Conduct a
Spiritual Development Circle

(Practice Circles)

Background: Circles whether be Spiritual Development Circles or Practice Circles have been around for hundreds of years and were taken very seriously by the participants.  A group of people would gather every week on a specific day in someone’s house in the hopes to make contact with the other side.  They would draw strength from each other and would sit in darkened rooms.  The reason dark rooms were preferred was so that they could see orbs or misty shapes better.  It seemed to add to the mystery of mental or physical mediumship.

The main difference between Spiritual Development Circles or Practice Circles is that the Spiritual Development Circles are usually broader in scope. Meaning they will probably cover all things spiritual where a practice circle is usually focused on one aspect of spiritual development, say for instance mediumship.

Why practice circles? Few things are ever achieved without learning and practicing; and developing your mediumistic skills are no different. It takes dedication, commitment and above all practice. Stop and think about it. How did you learn to walk? Talk? Read, write or anything else for that matter.

First you had to learn what to do and then how to do it. But that wasn’t how you mastered the skill. It was only with practice that you got good at it.

Melitta Thorn

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