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Ten Main Healing Frequencies
The Monroe Institute

Sound Healing

Below are listed the 7 main Chakras and their associated frequencies for your listening pleasure!

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174 Hz to remove body pain, especially back, legs and feet     

285 Hz for energy field and to heal tissues and wounds     

396 Hz (Root Chakra) to remove fear, guilt and anxiety

417 Hz (Sacral Chakra) for creativity and manifest change

432 Hz soothing sound of nature (proven to calm and lower heart rate)

528 Hz (Solar Plexus Chakra) for confidence, mental clarity, repairs DNA

639 Hz (Heart Chakra) to heal trauma and relationships

741 Hz (Throat Chakra) awakens intuition, visualization, manifestation, & communication

852 Hz (Third Eye Chakra) helps with meditation, intuition, and attracts soul tribe

963 Hz (Crown Chakra) to connect with higher self, light and spirit

In the early 1950’s Robert Monroe became interested in the use of sound frequencies for learning and healing.

Robert founded Hemi-Sync technology which uses a process to create audio patterns containing binaural beats, which are commercialized in the form of audio CDs.

The Monroe Institute was created in the early 1970s as an educational and research organization. The Institute is the world leader in human consciousness exploration. Experiential programs are offered on the main campus in Faber,
Virginia as well as 12 additional countries and online.

Using specially designed binaural beat audio-guided technology, originally developed by Bob Monroe, you will learn valuable tools to explore, navigate and use non-physical aspects of your own higher consciousness.

If you are curious and want to know more, there is another form of sound healing and that’s Maria Kaeser-Aunkofer who happens to have a beautiful singing voice that can bring healing to people and places. Click: Maria Kaeser-Aunkofer

Another sound healing phenomena is Mark Romero. Mark’s renowned music and energy healing will help you find your way back! You can find him on YouTube and

Since 1982 Emmy Award winner Jim Oliver’s music has come forth to coax the human spirit into remembering how awesome it truly is. Whether you listen during a massage, working around your home, or while recovering from illness you will feel Jim’s soothing music nurturing and rejuvenating you. Check him out at:


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