Newsletter – June – 2024

“Change is constant” is what I hear all the time. Sometimes it’s subtle and other times it is drastic. It could be work related or personal. I feel like ...

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Newsletter – May – 2024

High School graduation has arrived! I am sure there are many parents and grandparents anticipating this upcoming event with mixed emotions.

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Newsletter – April – 2024

This month we are celebrating Earth Day! It couldn’t come at a better time because April seems to be especially challenging this year due to a surge of energies and frequencies.

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Newsletter – March – 2024

... buy more stuff! Some people have lost the real meaning of life and all that "stuff" is not really important, but the relationships we forge in our lives and enrich ourselves with creating memories.

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Newsletter – February – 2024

Love is a universal language! It brings people together regardless of different backgrounds, cultures, religions, etc. Love goes beyond. It is ...

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Newsletter – January – 2024

Fear is the breeding ground for resentment, greed, negativity, jealousy, and constitutes one’s lower self. Love on the other hand is all about happiness, inner peace, kindness, honesty, joy, and gives rise to your higher self.

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Newsletter – December – 2023

Christmas usually brings joy, anticipation, and many happy moments. But, there is also much grief around this time of year as many people struggle with the loss of loved ones. It is more profound during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

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Newsletter – November – 2023

Many of us have wondered at some time or another, “What is the meaning of life? Why am I here? What is my purpose?” A spiritual awakening is about finding your . . .

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Newsletter – October – 2023

Why is knowing your Spirit Guides so important? Once you meet and become acquainted with them your intuition increases tremendously and you will be open to receiving the messages your guides have for you! Your spirit helpers are always interested in you and what is for your highest good. However, before you can contact your guides you must . . .

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Newsletter – September – 2023

I remember when my son was little, I liked to plan parties, sometimes with a theme, or find a special place where the kids could be entertained and have fun. I was all about creating wonderful memories until this unforgettable day on . . .

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