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Spirit Circle Games – Joanna Bartlett

by Joanna Bartlett

A how-to handbook for a fun and engaging development circle
A mediumship development circle is one of the best ways to unfold and develop your mediumship abilities.
Home circles are “the soul and salvation of Spiritualism,” say Spiritualist pioneers E.W. and M.J. Wallace. They help you find community, discover your own natural mediumship abilities and give you a a safe place to develop them.
A development circle has these benefits:
– Developing your gifts of mediumship and psychic abilities
– Gaining the ability to get into a meditative state quickly and easily
– Connection with like-minded and like-hearted people
– Relief and reassurance that you’re not alone with your gifts
Yet a development circle needs to be well-facilitated and educationally sound.
Spirit Circle Games: A guidebook for mediumship development circles is a how-to handbook that provides the guidance needed for an effective mediumship development circle.
You’ll learn how to set up your own circle, figure out the logistics, decide on expectations and behavioral guidelines, and find the right people to be in it.
Then you can keep your circle engaged with more than 30 different exercises to develop your mediumship and psychic abilities in fun and interesting ways.
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