How to Conduct a Spiritual Development Circle – Melitta Thorn


How to Conduct a Spiritual Development Circle!

This 7 page eBook by Evidential Medium Melitta Thorn explains the ancient and long standing practice of circles and why they are just as relevant as they were centuries ago. She explains :

  • the difference between spiritual and practice circles
  • the background of circles
  • circles of today
  • recommendations on “How to Conduct a Circle”
  • finding people to join
  • setting up a meeting and when
  • meeting agenda
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • references
  • plus so much more.

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Circles whether be Spiritual Development Circles or Practice Circles have been around for hundreds of years and were taken very seriously by the participants.  A group of people would gather every week on a specific day in someone’s house in the hopes to make contact with the other side.  They would draw strength from each other and would sit in darkened rooms.  The reason dark rooms were preferred was so that they could see orbs or misty shapes better.  It seemed to add to the mystery of mental or physical mediumship.

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