Testimonial – Kathy, Huntsville, AL

My husband passed January 25, 2010. We were soul mates for seven years. I always felt that he was close by, but could never communicate with him…until Melitta. It was as if he was sitting right next to me. The evidence that came through, there was no way Melitta could have known. There were certain words and nick names that only my husband used. I had no doubt that this came from him. I have had several readings with her now and each one was very healing.
What an incredible experience! My very first reading. I’ve always been a little apprehensive about fortune tellers, psychic, palm readers, etc., but I felt comfortable with Melitta. Her reading about my family was amazing!! For her to tell me information about my parents was unbelievable and I finally have closure about my beloved pet, Timon. Melitta thank you so much for your gift of healing the mind and soul. …..this is definitely your calling!

Kathy, Huntsville, AL


Melitta Thorn

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