Testimonial – Becky Borchardt, Kansas City, MO

Love, excitement, and JOY! When I contacted Melitta she immeditaely said to only give her my first name because she didn’t want to know anything about me before the reading. I had never had a reading when I contacted Melitta. I wasn’t sure what to expect and was nervous. Melitta helped calm my nerves and explained how everything would work. Once the reading started she immediately picked up on a loved one who had passed. She was able to give me evidential information about my grandpa that only my immediate family would know. As a nice surprise my grandma came through too. She said, “there is a tiny grandmotherly figure with short curly hair and she has confetti all around her.” My grandma was 4’6″ and indeed had very short and curly hair. She would get so excited and literally clap and explode with happiness when she saw her family “confetti all around her.” Melitta also gave evidence that only my family would know about my grandma. I look forward to my next reading with Melitta and recommend using her to contact loved ones who have passed on. Thank you Melitta!

Becky Borchardt, Kansas City, MO