Testimonial – Robert Renton, WA

When my wife of nearly 20 years passed a few years ago I was torn and lost. She was not just my wife she was my life and after she passed I always felt that she was close by but I didn’t understand. I spent the next several months searching for answers and trying to understand where my wife went. Is this all there is; we die and that’s it or is there more…

Well I discovered there is more, much more and thanks to Melitta and the beautiful reading she gave me, I could feel my wife sitting right next to me. 

Melitta gave me evidence that my wife was there during the reading. Evidence that there was no way Melitta could have known. There were events and things we did, her interests, her likes and dislikes that she gave so that I had no doubt that this came from her. Her reading about my wife and family was amazing!! 

Melitta thank you so much for the incredible gift of healing. Thank you for reinforcing that my wife is still here; still very much part of my life and that we are soul mate for all of eternity.

Robert Renton, WA